More than a stroll along the prom


000Stretching your legs can mean as little or much as you want in Tenerife. Local councils are continually opening up and linking more stretches of salty tinged sea views, and one day you might be able to circle the whole island but for now, have a dip into these Tenerife coastal walks.

Playa de Las Americas to Los Cristianos

Avert your gaze to the right if you think this commercial walk doesn’t count. Then you will just see the craggy rocks below Geranium Walk as you leave Puerto Colon and the black sand sweeps below the pedestrian zone as you head to Veronicas in Playa de Las Americas. Your ears will still hear the drag of the shingle as you round the headland with the strange metal sculptures. Into Los Cristianos the golden sand crescent of Las Vistas will impress and there’s the option of the two older beaches if you head to the foot of Guaza mountain. Approx 90 minutes.

Candelaria Samarines

The Guanche statues will look like toys as you head up and around the Basilica for views up to Santa Cruz.

Ecotourism in Malta


Ecotourism aims to conserve the environment and improve the well-being of the local people.“Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves ---the well-being of local people.” (TIES, 1990)You may find that you are aware of your carbon footprint whilst in your home country, regularly recycling, using as little electricity as possible and being cautious with water waste. Unfortunately, many of us do not take the habits attained in our everyday, to our week away, fun in the sun holiday.

More and more people of an eco-conscious nature, are looking into ways to improve not just their backyards but the backyards of the places they visit. For these travellers we have compiled the ultimate guide to help you make eco-conscious decisions on activities and accommodation.

ActivitiesWhat better way to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean sea surrounding the Maltese islands as well as the natural rugged coastline and countryside by joining local experts in a fun-filled environmentally freindly activity with a dose of an adrenaline thrown in for good measure.

MC Adventure is a top level professional outfit that will have you rock climbing, abseiling, sea

Want beauty enhancement or surgery? Visit Alicante


653081_638_365Alicante is well-known for being a healthy place to live or go on holiday. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said the region is one of the healthiest places to live, the climate is beneficial for many people and the Mediterranean diet rich in fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables, fish and olive oil is also highly-acclaimed.Now, the Alicante region is gearing up to become a top destination for health care. The WHO also ranked Spain’s health service as seventh in the world in 2013 so health tourists can be assured they will be getting first-class treatment at top-quality clinics and hospitals.Lengthy NHS waiting lists and the cost of private operations and treatments in the UK has led to even more people flying out to Alicante for treatments and therapie

Mediterranean diet is great for your health

The quality of the hospitals and clinics coupled with the low cost compared to those in northern Europe are encouraging tourists and visitors to have medical treatments in the Alicante region.Many specialists speak English, Dutch and German as well as Spanish so there won’t be any problems with

India: A Historic and Breathtaking Place to Visit

At the point when discussing history, India is unquestionably rich on that. At the point when the subject is about amazing spots, India clearly has a considerable measure of them. Intending to say, the delightful nation of India is a one-stop destination on the off chance that you are very intrigued about history and stunning landscapes. India is formally known as the Republic of India. It is an extremely memorable country that can be found in the south piece of Asia. As far as area range, it is regarded to be in the seventh spot as biggest nation in the whole world. What’s notwithstanding fascinating about the actuality it has different landscapes.

Knowing the Ancient India

India is exceptionally renowned due to the Mesolithic rock expressions that existed here in the past and even up right up ’til the present time. Indeed, archeologists and students of history found the remnants of Bhimbetka rock covers in the nation, especially in the Indian condition of Madhya Pradesh. This country is the home of the Hinduism’s most established sacred writings known as the “Vedas”. On the off chance that you are into history, you most likely recognize what is a position framework. For the individuals

Once in Key West, you feel like in paradise paragliding

Paraglide in Key West helps travelers experience their adrenaline enjoy all at the same time the joys stunning room with its beautiful reefs. Make the jump into the incredible world of paragliding with the excitement and comfort of the tandem jumps. A tandem jump can be arranged surprisingly a few miles in the Florida Keys. Once your coach tells you about the details of which are safe with equipment specially designed used glider and then get caught up in the sky. As you climb higher, you can see the magnificent view of Key West including the Gulf reef Florida the Florida Keys and the Atlantic Ocean.

After opening the Miami to Key West  parachute, enjoying a ride, for a soft landing softly back to Earth floating and identify. Most tour operators have to obtain a history of permanent security with the best equipment and most effective for the best results. Most of the time, certified trainers available and its best feature are that they have years of experience to back up your files. In addition, they also create placement area for you to use. This makes it even more fun and memorable.

Paragliding gives you

How To Pay Less For Best Hotel In Semarang

Have a plan to travel to Semarang in some day ahead? Ensure that you choose only best hotels Semarang to book. Sounds like the problem is solved. But actually, it is not for many options of hotels that are available and for the confusion that you may have for hotel to book. It is not that complicated to book hotel in Semarang if you know how to choose your options. Where to start? Booking hotel online is very popular nowadays, and Mister Aladin is a booking hotel site with good reputation. There are many reasons why this travel website gain its good reputation. First booking hotel online at Mister Aladin , it means cheap hotel with fine quality is accessible. Though, you can pay more if you want, but hotel room in Semarang is started from IDR 191,000. Second, you can customize the way you select your hotel, such as from its location so the you know what kind of hotel you can book there.


You can also choose the hotel based on its rates, therefore, you directly can match the hotel price and your budget after you do some comparisons for the price. Another way, choose your hotel based 

4 Travel Tips for Couples Traveling

A romantic getaway is an exciting way to fan the flame of romance in any relationship. Before you can stroll hand-in-hand in the moonlight, you need to properly prepare for your trip. In this article, I’ll share four travel tips to get your vacation started on the right track to ensure your romantic getaway is smooth sailing.

Tip #1: Be sure to make copies of your important documents. If you’re using traveler’s checks make sure you keep the copies with the serial numbers separate from the originals. It also wouldn’t hurt to email the serial numbers, credit card numbers and your passport number to yourself. That way you can access the documents easily via the internet should your luggage or purse be lost or stolen. You can access the internet in almost every country. You can also leave a copy in your safety deposit box or with a trusted relative.

Tip #2: Check for travel alerts for your destination country. These are usually posted and updated by your country’s foreign travel department. It’s important to be aware of travel alerts to see if there are any health-related medical outbreaks or local political uprisings you need to

5 Travel Tips for Couples Traveling Abroad

When planning a romantic getaway you are excited and filled with anticipation of a holiday filled with romance, fun and maybe even a bit of adventure. Before the hugging, cuddling and kissing can begin you need to properly prepare for your trip. Here are the five tips to get your vacation started on the right track.

Tip #1: Every country has a recommendation for immunization. Be sure to check with your state department when traveling abroad. A friend of mine just returned from India with a stomach virus. It was several doctor visits before she got a correct diagnosis of C. Difficile; and now she’s having a hard time getting rid of it. And my co-worker got malaria on his visit to Africa. You don’t want to catch a virus or disease while traveling abroad and bring it back to your home country. Needless to say medical costs can be expensive and there is the danger you could make others sick as well. So, be sure to get your immunization shots even if you hate needles. Bite the bullet and get it done. Staying healthy during and after your trip is the first step to a

Important Travel Tips to Get the Low Budget Travel Packages

You could enjoy the low budget travel packages also if you are ready to compromise with your dreams. The dreams of most of the people need more money than the total bucks in their bank account. If you are among those who want to enjoy their vacations by traveling to the distant places but your budget is limited then you should know all the tips that can help you to reduce your traveling expenses. You can plan your vacations with in your budget if you can compromise a little bit with your dreams. Continue reading the important travel tips to know the ways to reduce your expenses.

Select a cheap destination

Countries where the cost of living is low can be the good travel destinations for you if your budget is limited. You will not notice much difference whether you are visiting the seashore of America or Asia because you will enjoy the same level of cool breeze at both places and your body will be relaxed similarly at both places. The only difference you will see at both the tourist spots is the cost because the cost of living is low in Asia so

How to Pack For A Business Trip

Use these business travel tips pointers to create and plan a stress-free business packing travel plan.


  • When you are putting together your clothes for business, experiment with one color instead of all your favorites. This makes it simple for you to combine and present an ideal business persona for your meetings. With a one color-scheme, you will not need to pack multiple pieces of clothing.
  • If you’d like to add a bit of color, you can include a colored shirt or scarf you like (maybe it is your favorite, or it gives you that ‘extra OOMPH’ that you need for self-confidence – or to compliment your look).

Tips on packing shoes: As much as shoes are something that some women say they can’t ‘live without,’ pack no more than two or three sets. Make certain you have a set of flats and only one set of high heels in your luggage. If you wear high heels all day and evening long, then during your company trip, when what you want (need) most is to shine, you may be experiencing painful leg and back discomfort.

In addition to sensible shoes, women who travel may want

Flamenco festival, Jerez, Spain


Jason Webster, travel writer
Every September, the Andalucian town of Jerez reasserts itself as the flamenco capital of the world as it hosts the all-night Fiesta de la Bulería. Jerez has one of the highest concentrations of gypsies in Spain, and the concert boasts authentic, hard-core flamenco for true aficionados. Over 7,000 people fill the seats of the city’s bullring, where the event is held, from nine in the evening until well past five in the morning, frying fish on homemade barbecues and clapping along to the complex, dizzying rhythms of the music. Under a starry sky, with fires burning, the singers make the hair stand up on the back of your neck with their muezzin-like cries, and dancers spin and stomp in a whirl of flashing reds, yellows and blues. This is the greatest flamenco experience you could ever hope for.
The next Fiesta de la Buleria takes place September 2010 ( The Hotel Casa Escobar Jerez (+34 927 668 139, has doubles from €90.

Jason Webster’s latest book, Sacred Sierra: A Year on a Spanish Mountain, is out

50 ultimate travel experiences culture

Oyotuniji African Village, South Carolina, USA

Alan Whicker, travel TV presenter
I’d been doing a recce in South Carolina, and was on my way to Florida to film in Palm Beach, that most frivolous of party towns. I’d heard rumours that in Beaufort, a couple of hours from the grandeur of confederate Charleston, a commune of African-Americans had created a Yoruba village intent on returning to their Nigerian roots. It sounded like some ridiculous Disney fantasy. In a clearing off an inland highway I found the Oyotuniji African Village. Their saturnine leader wore the exotic robes of some imagined tribal deity, and smoked a pipe. An intelligent man with the penetrating eyes of an ambulance-chasing lawyer, he explained that he made his living as a witch doctor, using black magic to wound and kill. Two well-dressed white women arrived, schoolteachers at odds with some colleague. Money changed hands, and they were assured their problems would be over. Their troublesome friend would meet with an unfortunate accident, fall under the wheels of a bus perhaps. They drove away content in the knowledge of money well-spent. Later I sat beside him on the earth floor of his mud

Mansion Global’s 2015 Listing of the Year

Meet the winner of our first annual Listing of the Year contest, Australia’s Mandalay House.

Located on the coast of Queensland near the Whitsunday Islands, not far from the Great Barrier Reef, the estate features a Mediterranean-style mansion with seven bedrooms, in addition to a marina, a helipad and an infinity-edge swimming pool with views of the Coral Sea. Take a full tour of the home.

The estate belongs to Australian property developer Neil Murray, who traveled extensively with the architect, gathering inspiration and the materials needed to build the home. The property is on the market for £10,419,000 (about $15.35 million).

To determine the Listing of the Year, Mansion Global readers selected their favorite homes from a list of 60 properties featured as Listings of the Day over the course of 2015. The first and second runners-up were a glamorous villa on the French Riviera, and a famed photographer’s Hawaiian retreat. Browse the list below to see how the rest of the homes ranked.

The best travel experience of my life

SOME moments you experience while travelling end up completely blowing you away, in ways you’d never have expected. They stay with you forever, and years later you still smile at the fond memories.

For Vanessa Chiasson, a traveller who has ventured around the world and writes at, a sunrise hot air balloon ride over Bagan, Burma, provided that jaw-dropping, heart-pounding moment of pure joy.

Ironically, it came after she had experienced her worst travel moment ever – 20 hours of hell on a train trip in the region. But this adventure far outweighed that nightmare ride.

I try to never lose track of how lucky I am that my work as a travel writer introduces me to extraordinary locations, experiences and people. Never has this been more in focus than during a recent hot air balloon ride over the spectacular ancient temples of Bagan. Without a doubt it stands alone as the most incredible, breathtaking travel experience of my life.

There are over 2200 temples and pagodas on the plains of Bagan, most constructed between the 11th and 13th century, the final markers of what was once a thriving kingdom. The plains of

Hold Up, Did We Just Crack Time Travel

A now-famous team of astrophysicists shocked the world Thursday after recording the gravitational waves of two black holes slamming into each other 1.3 billion light-years away.supports Einstein’s general theory of relativity in a way that revolutionizes scientific understanding of how space and time behave in extreme environments, and astrophysics will never be the same.

That includes mankind’s pursuit of time travel.Kip Thorne of the acclaimed Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) researchers deflected such assertions about his team’s finding at the press release by saying, “I don’t think [our detection of gravitational waves] is going to bring us any closer to being able to do time travel. ”

But two things are certain: Humility is essential in the path to a Nobel Prize, and other renowned astrophysicists are giving the LIGO team more credit than they give themselves.

David Spergel is a theoretical physicist and chair of Princeton University’s astronomy and astrophysics department and he’s one such admirer. Spergel concedes there is a long way to go before man comprehends the true plausibility of time travel, but he believes general relativity will be essential to that discovery, if the stars align for it.

“There are still a lot of ifs there, starting with the existence

How to Plan a Trip to the 2016 Rio Olympics

The world will be watching in August as the Olympic torch completes its journey to Rio during the Opening Ceremony. But the question is, will you be watching from home or from the beaches of Rio? Those hoping to fall in the latter category have most likely been planning their trip for months, but it’s not too late to get in on the action. Below are some basic steps to follow if you’re hoping to experience the games first-hand.

Scoring Tickets to an Event

The first thing to know about Olympic ticketing is that everything depends on your nationality. Each country has its own agency, and citizens are asked to purchase tickets through them. Those reading this in the United States will use CoSport. You’ll need to create an account, log on, and search for available tickets.

It’s important to mention that currently, the pickings are slim (yes, already). CoSport is already in its third phase of ticket sales, which means two groups have already had their pick. That doesn’t mean all hope is lost. At publishing, there were still tickets available for events like Track and Field, Basketball, Golf, Handball, and Taekwondo and inventory is constantly

10 of the best beachside stays in tropical Asia

Villa Coral, Amed, Bali

Not to be confused with the more expensive Coral View Villas down the road, this Balinese-owned place sits right on a little strip of calm, safe beach in serene Jemeluk, Amed. There’s good snorkelling, including an underwater temple, just off shore, and a relaxed, vibe that’s perfect for children. The two elegant dark wood beachfront “villas”, with cute front gardens and galleried attic bedrooms, make an excellent family choice. Parents of young children will appreciate the fridge and kettle, while the draped four poster, pleasant bathrooms and frangipani flowers add style.
• From £41 B&B for up to four,
Theodora Sutcliffe
Via Vacare, Gili Gede Indah, LombokThe largest and most populous of Lombok’s Southern islands (gilis), Gili Gede Indah is a splendid spot to experience Indonesian island life, with its tiny, but bustling villages and sweet little school. This eco-resort of just four spacious bungalows – and an open-air dorm with beds and netting for backpackers – sits on the sunset side of the island, a few feet above a dinky white sand beach: pavilions, Buddhist statuary and shady woodland add yoga appeal, with classes when teachers are on the island. In keeping with the eco theme,

The Lofoten Islands, Norway: there but for the grace of cod

It appears indistinct at first, a light smudge behind a grey bank of clouds. As the wind whips in off the ocean and races howling across the valley, small puddles of clear sky appear, briefly revealing the Milky Way and the smooth arc of a satellite far above. The smudge starts to glow and build, lashing across the heavens in a series of tormented twists, before pouring down to Earth in a last spasm.

It’s not so long ago that the people of Lofoten believed the northern lights to be the visible form of angry gods, eager to scoop unsuspecting souls into the sky to roam across the darkness for all eternity. Even today, to prevent an untimely disappearance, local superstition dictates that one mustn’t whistle when the aurora comes to town.

But death takes many unexpected forms in this remote string of islands in northern Norway, and if humans aren’t safe on dry land, they’re certainly no better off on the rolling seas. Legend tells of the draugr, a headless fisherman slathered in seaweed who sets out on stormy nights to ride the waves in a broken boat. The first a mortal seafarer will know of his

11 Tricks to Cutting Travel Costs in 2011

BARGAIN hunters will need to be craftier when booking a trip if they want to get the best prices this year. It’s no secret that airfares are up and added fees for everything from checked bags to exit-row seats are pushing the cost of flying higher. On top of that, hotel bargains are expected to be harder to come by as business travelers begin to return, diminishing the need for hotels to discount rooms in major cities.

But that doesn’t mean a year in front of your television. There are still plenty of ways to cut costs. Here are 11 strategies — and some useful Web sites — to help you save on travel this year.


 A growing number of Web sites,, and have flash sales of 20 to 60 percent off hotel packages to travelers on an invitation-only basis. Jetsetter, for example, recently offered a Friday night in January at the Angler’s, a boutique hotel in Miami, for $255 a night, down from the $359 offered at the hotel’s

There’s still time to ski

We’re approaching the end of another ski season, and if you haven’t managed to get to the slopes, or fancy one last snowball fight, now is the perfect time to travel.easyJet will be flying to Geneva, Grenoble and Lyon up until mid-April, giving you the chance to get your family and friends together for one last alpine getaway.Here’s our pick of the best resorts:

Best for families: Morillon – Fly to Geneva

Perfectly nestled between Geneva Airport and the mighty Mont Blanc, this pretty resort has been awarded the converted ‘Famille Plus’ label by the French Government. Its ‘Village Des Enfants’ caters for those aged between six months and 10 years old, with a good selection of green runs and other fun activities including husky sleighing, tobogganing and ice skating.Other resorts near Geneva include Chamonix, Val d’Isère and Les Gets.Fly to Geneva from Gatwick, Luton, Stansted, Southend, Bournemouth, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Belfast International.

Best for après-ski: Les Deux Alpes – Fly to GrenobleIf you’re looking for a buzzing après-ski scene, then look no further than Les Deux Alpes, as famed for its clubs

The Co-operative Travel: Top Affordable Caribbean Breaks

For most people, the very thought of a trip to the Caribbean tends to conjure up images of turquoise waters, powder white beaches, sizzling sunshine and lush foliage. Happily, this is all quite close to fact. Include a laid-back atmosphere, tropical breezes, sumptuous local cuisine, and a diverse culture, and you’re pretty much spot on.

No matter where you go in the Caribbean, you’ll find yourself having unforgettable experiences and a holiday that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and eager to come back and sample more of what the Caribbean has to offer. At The Co-operative Travel, you can choose from a great selection of fabulous Caribbean holidays, each of which has something unique and exciting to offer.

Three top affordable Caribbean holidays with The Co-operative Travel

Many people are keen to escape to a paradisiacal destination and get away from the stresses of daily life for a week or two. However, with the current financial climate the way it is, most people are having to be mindful about how much they spend on their annual holiday. At The Co-operative Travel you can choose from a great selection of affordable yet incredible Caribbean holiday experiences,

Three Days in Athens

A destination steeped in history, rich in culture and filled with some amazing sights and attractions, Athens is a hugely popular holiday destination. This is a bustling city soaked in glorious sunshine, with breathtaking sights, exciting adventures, and thousands of years of heritage.

The capital city of Greece, Athens has been called the cradle of Western civilisation, which provides an insight into the length of its history. People flock to Athens for a variety of reasons, which means that visitors there are made up of people from all walks of life. Whether you are a history buff, a culture vulture, a sun-worshipper, or someone just looking for a great time with vibrant nightlife, you will find everything you want in Athens.

How to make the most of your three-day Athens trip

Not everyone who travels to Athens is able to stay for a lengthy period. For those who are only planning to be in the city for a few days, you need to make the most of your short time in this stunning destination

Day 1 – Explore the local area and enjoy taking in the nightlife

Once you arrive in Athens on your trip, you will

5 things to see and do in Bridgend County, Wales

Just two and a half hours from London, Bridgend County offers great surfing, award-winning beaches, dramatic landscapes and peak-to-beach cycling.It’s as much a draw for savvy holidaymakers as it is for television and film crews, with shows like Doctor Who and Torchwood scouting out captivating locations.The extensive coast and Victorian promenade of Porthcawl are easy to reach, yet Bridgend County still remains a bit of a secret.Here are five of the best things to see and do in Bridgend County:

Surf some of the best breaks in BritainIt may not be as well known as New Quay or Gower, but Bridgend County has some of the hottest surf breaks in the country, so much so that South African pro surfer Ingemar Cressey recently opened Cressey’s Surf Academy here.

Porthcawl Surf School and Adventures Wales also offer surf lessons throughout the year, while events and festivals extend the surf vibe into the county’s bustling towns.

Wander along the Wales Coast Path

The Wales Coast Path is a coastal trail that stretches right around Wales, but Bridgend County provides some of the route’s most unique landscapes. Along the way, try watersports at the award-winning Rest Bay or head to the